Frequently asked questions

Call our claims hotline 08157894262 or email us on

We require that you immediately call our claims hotline. If it is a motor accident, please arrange for your vehicle to be towed to a garage of your choice. We will cover your towing cost.

72 hours after execution of Discharge Voucher. The Discharge Voucher will be forwarded to you immediately your claim is verified.

Our telephone claims service has dedicated experts on hand to give you professional advice so your claim can be sorted out without fuss or delay. Just contact our Helpline is 08157894262 between 8:00am-4:30pm or just send an e-mail to An incident manager will record details of the incident and immediately commence the claims process.

It is the contributory amount you pay, when making a claim. It is a proportion of the claim, which the insured would bear. Any amount above this is borne by the insurer.

There are no-claim discounts on the policy when it is renewed. However, there is no repayment of premium paid.

  • Visiting of the prospective insured to the nearest NAIC office.
  • Collection and completion of relevant proposal form.
  • Pre-Insurance Inspection of the farm by NAIC officials.
  • Payment of premium by insured and issuance of premium receipt by NAIC.
  • Issuance of policy documents.

This varies with projects. The Corporation can cover a project of sum insured that is as low as ₦10, 000.00.

All beneficiaries of Agricultural credit facilities, especially, those on items insured by NAIC, must insure their projects with NAIC to forestall any loss of their hard-earned investments.

Individuals and Corporate farmers who wish to safeguard their farm investments even though they did not benefit from Agricultural loans can also take cover under NAIC.