subsidized livestock


Subsidized Livestock policy refers to insurance cover of livestock of which 50% of the premium is paid by the farmers with the remaining 50% paid by the Federal and State Government of the location where the farm resides in a ratio of 3:1 respectively.

Perils under cover are; death of animals/birds/fishes due to disease, accident, fire, lightning, storm and flood.

  • Cattle (Dairy)
  • Cattle (Fattening)
  • Poultry: a) Parent Stock, b) Layers, c) Broilers, d)
  • Cockerels
  • Turkey: a) Meat, b) breeders Ducks: a) Meat, b) breeders
  • Pigs: a) Fattening, b) breeders
  • Sheep, Ram & Goats: a) Sheep, Ram & Goats (Fattening)
  • Fishery
  • Rabbitery: a) Meat, b) breeders
  • Grasscutters a) Meat, b) breeders
  • Snailery
  • Beef Keeping